What We Do

What We Do

At David Blackwell Law, our entire team is dedicated to helping people who find themselves in unexpected circumstances and genuinely and honestly need assistance. Whether you’ve been hurt in an accident, had a loved one suffer from  medical malpractice, or find yourself facing a charge, our lawyers carefully examine the details of each case and work closely with clients to explain possible legal options and next steps.

Personal Injury

For clients who have experienced personal injury, we realize that in addition to physical pain, there is a mental and emotional toll for victims and families as well.

We handle the legal needs of our personal injury clients with skill and care. Our goal is to help you form a successful plan to enforce your legal rights. We get the job done because we know how to deal with insurance companies, work with medical professionals, and obtain the evidence needed to establish full value of your personal injury case.

DUI and Criminal Defense

The first rule for dealing with the fear and uncertainty of a criminal charge of any kind is to understand the legal process and laws related to your individual case. We investigate cases thoroughly, carefully consider the evidence, and thoroughly explain your options, always working for the best possible outcome.

Probate and Real Estate Litigation

We have years of experience working with clients on probate litigation issues, including estates, wills, guardianship, and conservatorship. We also handle quiet title and partition action cases related to real estate cases.

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Do you need an experienced and professional attorney who will stand up for your rights? To learn more about how David Blackwell Law can assist you, please send us your contact information. We look forward to talking with you.