Recreation Equipment Injuries

Recreation Equipment Injuries

Many types of outdoor recreation equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or boats, can be very fun, but also very dangerous. When used properly, boats and ATVs are great outdoor activities. When used carelessly, they can result in horrible injuries. In some ATV cases, the vehicle may have been negligently designed which could lead to injury.

Accidents can also occur with bicycles and golf carts. Golf carts are prone to turning over, causing serious injury to occupants. Cyclists are subject to getting hit by cars and other vehicles.

Accidents with recreational vehicles are unique and require an experienced personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at David Blackwell Law have helped many South Carolina residents navigate personal injury cases. The following factors must be considered in a recreational vehicle accident:

  • Special insurance rules that govern recreational vehicles
  • How South Carolina laws apply to these types of accidents
  • The safety track record of the equipment manufacturer
  • How other personal injury cases involving recreational vehicles may influence your case

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