Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is always painful, but survivors of a family member who died due to another person’s recklessness or negligence face the emotional toll of an unjust loss. A wrongful death suit cannot undo the trauma and grief of a tragedy; however, a suit can help families recover from the financial burdens of the situation. Wrongful death suits also hold the responsible parties accountable.

In South Carolina wrongful death suits, a legal representative or attorney of the deceased person’s estate must be the one to file a wrongful death claim against the party held responsible for causing the victim’s death. The attorneys at David Blackwell Law have experience with South Carolina wrongful death suits and are able to handle all aspects of the case.


Settlements in Wrongful Death Cases

Settlements in a wrongful death case may include compensation for:

  • Medical care, treatment and/or hospitalization prior to death
  • Pain or suffering experienced prior to death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of income, services, assistance, protection, care, companionship, guidance, comfort, and society from the deceased person
  • Grief and suffering of the family

In some wrongful death cases, punitive damages can be sought; these are intended to “punish” the negligent party for recklessness, malice, or a willful act that caused the wrongful death.

As with most personal injury cases, there are time limits known as statutes of limitation in South Carolina for wrongful death claims. A cause of action for wrongful death begins on the date of the death and must be filed within the time constraints of the statute of limitations.

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