People Matter: Fighting Fires Across Lancaster

Chad Walters

Chad is from Lancaster and graduated from Lancaster High School. His dad owned CNM Appliance where he later joined the team after graduation as a repair technician for the family business, which he has done for the last 31 years. After a few years working for his father, Chad decided he wanted to donate his extra time to serving others and became a volunteer fire fighter for Lancaster County. Now, Chad works as a fire fighter for The South Carolina Forestry Commission. At the time he was no longer a volunteer fire fighter, but when a job came available at the Forestry Commission his old friends called him up thinking he would be perfect for the job and he’s served as the warden there for 12 years now. For the Forestry Commission Chad’s job consist of bulldozing trenches around forest fires to eliminate it from spreading. Chad is married to his wife Jackie Walters, and they have two children together, Landon and Blake.

Some of the biggest changes during the pandemic as a repair technician for CNM Appliance, have been keeping distance form his customers. His job is to go into these people’s home to repair their appliances which means coming into contact with strangers on the daily. Although people have been hesitant, business has actually increased as a result of people being home to finally have the time to have the repairs done. Chad ensures his customers that their safety is the most important thing at this time, and he does everything he can to make them feel comfortable while being in their homes. He makes sure to stay six feet away from clients while he works and sanitizes all appliances before leaving each home.

His work as warden/tech1 for the SC Forestry Commission has come to a great halt. They are no longer doing any service work at this time and are limited to only going out for emergency fires. Although Chad says things seem to be improving, he has not been informed of when he will be able to get back to service work for the forestry commission.

Chad was worried about working with people throughout the community for his family’s safety at the beginning of the pandemic, and even avoided all contact with his family when coming home from work each day until after he had showered and changed clothes. Now, Chad believes he can see a difference. As they have learned more about the virus, some of those nerves have been calmed but he still continues to take the best safety precautions.

He wants to thank those who are still doing business with CNM Appliance. As a small business in Lancaster County he relies on the people of this community to keep them up and running during this time. CNM Appliance will continue to keep client’s safety at the top of their list while continuing excellent service.