Can I settle my South Carolina car wreck claim without a lawyer?

You may not need a lawyer, but it does not hurt to discuss your case with a lawyer. For cases that only involve minor property damage, it is unlikely that a personal injury lawyer can offer much assistance. In more serious cases, it is much more likely that a good personal injury lawyer can assist you.

I would always recommend that you consult with a lawyer, and I can say with certainty that you should have a lawyer review your case under the following circumstances:

  • The other driver was intoxicated
  • Bones were fractured;
  • Medical bills and lost wages together exceed $5,000;
  • Pre¬≠existing medical conditions are aggravated by the wreck;
  • The at ¬≠fault driver does not have insurance or enough insurance;
  • Tractor trailer wreck;
  • Medical liens are filed by your health insurer.
  • The basic information that you need to share when you speak with a lawyer should answer the following questions:
    • When was the wreck?
    • Where was the wreck?
    • How did the wreck happen?
    • Did the police come to the wreck and issue any tickets?
    • Were you or was anyone else hurt or what were the injuries?
    • What kind of medical treatment have you received?
    • What damage was done to your vehicle?
    • Do you have insurance?
    • Does the other driver have insurance?