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NoOneWakesUpWantingALawyerNo One Wakes Up Wanting a Lawyer

A Guide to Understand, Even Settle Your Own South Carolina Wreck Case Without a Lawyer–Second Edition
by David R. Blackwell

It’s true that no one wakes up wanting a lawyer, but unfortunately, things happen. This handy guide will help you understand, even settle your own South Carolina wreck case without a lawyer.

In this second edition book you will find:

  • What NOT to do after a wreck
  • What you need to do after a wreck
  • The answers to your wreck questions
  • Steps to take that will help protect you
  • A full review of the personal injury process
  • How the advocacy of a lawyer can help you
  • Mistakes injured people make in dealing with doctors

dont-let-car-insurance-wreck-your-life-book-cover_20140114Don’t Let Car Insurance Wreck Your Life

A Lawyer’s Look at Buying Car Insurance to Protect Your Family and You
by David R. Blackwell

Buying car insurance can be confusing. By taking a lawyer’s look at buying insurance, you can learn how to protect your family and yourself. Most people only find out the type of insurance they have on their car after a wreck when it’s too late.

In this book, you will learn

  • How you can protect your family and yourself through your own car insurance company even if the at fault driver has little or no insurance coverage and for a minimal increase in your insurance bill.
  • What exactly you must ask to get this important insurance coverage
  • How to protect your assets if you are at fault
  • Why it is important to understand your policy
  • How your health insurance company may get all of any insurance settlement you get—leaving you with nothing.

NeverSettleForLessNever Settle for Less

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