South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Adding Value and Improving Lives


Over the years, I have done work that improved people’s lives. As an injury lawyer, the cases I’m most proud of are not necessarily those I’ve settled with the highest monetary value. The cases I’m most proud of are the ones I could add the most value to through my efforts.

When I think of those cases, two clients come to mind. The first is a lady who had been in a car wreck. The insurance company told her she wasn’t seriously injured, and they offered her maybe $1,500. She came in to see me, and we filed a lawsuit. That was enough to get the insurance company to bump up their offer to $13,000. It was better, but it wasn’t good enough. We kept working on the case, and by the time all was said and done, my client walked away with over a six-figure settlement.

What I really value about that case isn’t the dollar amount of the settlement, though. What matters is the impact that settlement had on my client’s life. It provided her the money to enter a program designed to help her bounce back from her injury and to help her cope and hopefully get back to working and managing her family again. That program cost $32,000. That’s a lot of money, and because of our efforts, she can afford to pay for it. Her doctor described her as the ideal candidate for that program and expected her to see excellent results. More importantly, she expected results.

I’m proud of that. It wasn’t the biggest case I’ve ever settled, but it was one of the most satisfying.