Meet Dana Stogner


What started as a love for crime mystery shows turned into a legal career for Dana Stogner, Legal Assistant at David Blackwell Law.

“I grew up watching TV shows like Dateline and 48 Hours, and was fascinated by crime-solving and the legal process,” says Stogner. “That was part of my motivation for pursuing certification as a paralegal and working in the legal world.”

Patience Is a Virtue

Unlike TV shows, where cases are wrapped up in a matter of days, the legal process takes time. “There is seldom a quick fix to a legal problem,” says Stogner. “Everything takes time, and patience is definitely a virtue.”

Stogner and the staff at David Blackwell Law work hard to keep clients informed and updated throughout the legal process. The steps in the process and estimated timelines are thoroughly explained, and then the staff communicates regularly with the client.

Client Satisfaction Comes First

Working at a law firm allows Stogner to combine her interest in the legal field with her love of helping people. Offering each individual or family excellent service is her number one goal and is a vital part of the firm’s pledge to clients.

“I enjoy closing a file and knowing that our client was completely satisfied with our services, from beginning to end,” says Stogner. “I take pride in working hard and doing the best job I can for every client.”

Experience That Drives Excellence

With 24 years of experience in the legal field, Stogner has worked on a wide variety of cases and gained the skills needed to make sure each case is handled thoroughly and precisely.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Stogner worked for attorney Brooks Goldsmith for 20 years. For eight of those years Goldsmith was a domestic attorney and 12 of those years he served as a circuit court judge. She joined David Blackwell Law in 2012.

The Big Picture

Stogner works to help capture all the details in a case to create a comprehensive picture as part of her job. Outside of the office, she loves to capture moments in time through photography. Some of Stogner’s black and white photography was featured in a local art exhibit several years ago. She also loves to create family photo albums to remember moments with her five children.

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