Recreational Vehicle Accident Injuries

recreational golf cart accident

Many types of outdoor recreation equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or boats, can be very fun, but also very dangerous. When used properly, boats and ATVs are great outdoor activities. When used carelessly, they can result in horrible injuries. In some ATV cases, the vehicle may have been negligently designed which could lead to injury.

Accidents can also occur with bicycles and golf carts. Golf carts are prone to turning over, causing serious injury to occupants. Cyclists are subject to getting hit by cars and other vehicles.

Accidents with recreational vehicles are unique and require an experienced personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at David Blackwell Law have helped many South Carolina residents navigate personal injury cases. The following factors must be considered in a recreational vehicle accident:

  • Special insurance rules that govern recreational vehicles
  • How South Carolina laws apply to these types of accidents
  • The safety track record of the equipment manufacturer
  • How other personal injury cases involving recreational vehicles may influence your case

South Carolina ATV Accident Attorney Serving Lancaster & Indian Land

At David Blackwell Law, we are more than just a legal team. We’re a group of committed citizens and South Carolina natives who love our communities.Fall weather is great for outdoor recreation, and an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ride in wide-open country spaces can seem to be the perfect weekend family outing. However, ATV accidents send more than 100,000 Americans to the Emergency Room each year, according the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s infographic on deadly ATV statistics.

ATV accident victims can suffer crippling traumatic brain injuries and even death. On average, more than 700 people die each year in ATV accidents, and nearly 25 percent of deaths are children under the age of 16.

Top 4 Causes of ATV Accidents in South Carolina

While there can be many factors contributing to an ATV accident, here are the top four causes:

Lack of Vehicle Stability

ATVs are not as stable as a car. This lack of stability and a high center of gravity make it easier for ATVs to flip or roll over. When this happens, the driver and passenger may be pinned down or thrown from the vehicle.

Driving on Paved Roads

ATVs are not designed for paved roads, yet 33 percent of people killed in an ATV accident were driving on a paved road. Because ATVs have low-pressure tires and lack of turn signals or lighting, they can quickly become deadly in a situation with paving or traffic.

Passengers in the Wrong Place

Many ATVs are not designed for passengers, or sometimes passengers ride outside of the designated passenger area. This makes it more likely a passenger can be thrown out of the vehicle.

Unskilled Young Drivers

Children and teens often lack the physical strength, cognitive abilities, and fine motor skills to operate ATVs properly. Studies have found adolescents and teens suffer more head injuries than adults in ATV accidents.

ATV Accident Victim Rights

ATV accidents are complex and a third party may be at fault. The following are possible liable parties in an ATV accident.

  • The owner of the ATV if a child under his or her supervision was injured
  • The ATV manufacturer if there is a faulty design issue
  • The driver of the ATV
  • The property owner where the accident occurred if a trail was damaged.

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