South Carolina Child Injury Lawyer

Every child suffers scrapes and bruises as he or she is growing up. But if your child has suffered a serious injury, you will want to do everything possible as a concerned parent to provide for your child’s medical treatment, physical therapy, and recovery.

If your child’s accident was due to the careless conduct, lack of supervision, or disregard for safety of a business, school, or another individual, then you may have a right to demand compensation on behalf of your child to help with the medical costs and other related expenses. You will need to explore all possible financial resources if your child’s injury has caused a permanent impairment or will require ongoing medical care. A call to a knowledgeable and caring South Carolina child injury lawyer is the best way to get an understanding of your legal choices affecting your child’s future.

Attorney David Blackwell and the legal team at David Blackwell Law have many years of experience helping parents of injured children in South Carolina seek justice. We understand the physical trauma and emotional anguish a child’s injury can cause. We represent good parents whose children have sustained serious injuries caused by others’ carelessness or negligent conduct. Our firm believes in providing assistance to families from the earliest moments after a child’s injury and in building long-lasting relationships based on personalized legal service.

If your child has sustained an injury due to someone else’s disregard for safety or negligence, you may have a legal right under South Carolina law to seek compensation. Contact an experienced child injury attorney at (803) 232-7274 or online today for a free consultation. Attorney David Blackwell will evaluate the circumstances of your child’s injury and discuss whether filing a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate in your case. If we believe you have a valid child injury claim, we will offer to handle your case for you on a contingency fee basis. You will not owe any attorney’s fee unless we secure compensation for you through a settlement or jury award.

Child Injury at School

Schools, teachers, and other school employees have a legal responsibility to look out for the safety of children entrusted to their care. Some school accidents and playground accidents occur despite safety precautions and adult supervision. But other injuries are caused by lack of adequate supervision, unsafe playground equipment, or other types of negligence on the part of the school, school district or school employees.

You will need an experienced S.C. child injury lawyer to investigate the facts of how your child’s injury occurred and to determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is in order. Attorney David Blackwell can carefully review the details of how your child’s injury occurred and determine whether the actions of a teacher, school employee, or the school system represented negligence and your child suffered injury as a result.

Public schools in South Carolina have sovereign immunity from lawsuits. Individuals may still sue school systems and seek to hold the school system accountable in some cases, but there are special notification requirements and tighter filing deadlines when schools or other government agencies are named in a child injury lawsuit.

If your child has been injured and you suspect that the school or a school employee is responsible for the injury, it is essential to contact a dedicated child injury attorney to investigate the injury without delay. If you do not act quickly, you may lose your right to bring a legal action because of the tight notification requirements involving schools and public agencies in South Carolina.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries to children in South Carolina. If a child is riding in a car and the driver of another vehicle causes an accident resulting in injury to a child, the at-fault driver may be held financially liable for the child’s injuries.

The parents of the injured child may bring a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company seeking compensation for the child’s medical bills, physical therapy, long-term care costs, psychological trauma caused by the accident, and related expenses.  A negotiated settlement or jury verdict after a serious accident can ease a family’s stress related to a child injury

Attorney David Blackwell can review the details of the motor vehicle accident and offer guidance about the appropriate steps to take if your child has been injured by a negligent driver.

Amusement Parks and Playground Accidents

Many South Carolina families enjoy visiting amusement parks, water parks, and carnivals to enjoy the rides and outdoor activities. But children can suffer severe injuries on amusement park rides including head injuries, bone fractures, and other traumatic injuries.

The owners of amusement parks and playgrounds are responsible for the condition of the rides and playground equipment.  An amusement park ride may cause injuries because of mechanical failures, design defects, or a lack of proper training of the ride operator.

The owner of the amusement park or owner of playground equipment may be held liable for injuries caused by failure to maintain the property in safe operating condition. Determining liability for a child’s injury can be a complex undertaking. It requires a determined South Carolina child injury lawyer who will follow the evidence wherever it leads to pursue justice.

Child Drowning and Near Drowning

Most parents understand the importance of safety around pools. Most drownings and near-drownings happen when a child falls in a pool or climbs into a pool unsupervised and unaware of the risk of a pool accident.

Small children are the most susceptible to pool accidents. Drowning is a leading cause of death among young children ages five and younger, according to the National Safety Council. In some cases, the accident occurred because a pool owner failed to secure the pool adequately by erecting fences or repairing broken gates to prevent a young child from entering the pool. In other instances, the pool owner has not properly inspected and maintained the swimming pool drain, and a child may become entrapped by the pool drain if the suction is too forceful.

Property owners have a legal duty of safety to take reasonable steps to keep children from being harmed from public and private swimming pools.

If a property owner has left a pool unlocked or unguarded and a child wanders onto the property and falls in the pool, the property owner may be liable for the child’s injury, even if the child’s presence was unauthorized. The parents of the child may have a right to bring a premises liability case against the property owner.

David Blackwell Law fights for the victims of swimming pool accidents and their families.

Dog Bites to Children

More than half of all dog bite victims are children. Many young children are naturally attracted to dogs and may not recognize signs that a dog feels agitated and is showing signs of aggression.

Because they are small, young children are more likely to suffer bites to the face than other dog bite victims. A child who is seriously injured in a dog attack may require multiple plastic surgeries to address scarring.

If your child has been bitten or mauled in an unprovoked attack by someone else’s dog in Lancaster, Indian Land, Heath Springs, Kershaw, Fort Mill, or the surrounding communities of Carolina due to a dog owner’s negligence, the dog owner may be held financially liable if the owner was negligent. Your family should not be saddled with medical bills for a dog bite caused by a dog owner’s negligence.

Attorney David Blackwell will investigate how your child’s dog bite occurred and identify the parties who should be held accountable.

Child Injury Caused by Unsafe Toy

Some toys have design defects or manufacturing defects that make them hazardous. An estimated 240,000 children were treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in recent years, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Approximately 70 percent of the children treated in emergency rooms were 12 years or younger.

Many dangerous toys are recalled each year.

The types of toys associated with child injuries include:

  • non-motorized scooters
  • toy vehicles
  • toy balls
  • dolls, action figures
  • building sets

If your child was injured by an unsafe toy, you may hold the toy manufacturer legally responsible for the injury. A toy injury attorney at David Blackwell Law can investigate your child’s injury and help you hold the toy manufacturer accountable.

Contact a S.C. Child Injury Lawyer

Parents who are caring for an injured child need a compassionate attorney who can provide trusted guidance. Determining the liability after a child’s injury can be complicated. Having a determined and experienced South Carolina child injury attorney fighting for your family can make all the difference.

Please call David Blackwell Law and let us review your child’s injury and discuss the compensation that you may be entitled to seek. We can develop a child injury case based on a careful analysis of your child’s injuries and an understanding of how the injury will affect your child’s life.