People Matter: Protecting People From The Line of Duty

Chase is originally from Great Falls and moved to Lancaster in 2000. He graduated from Buford High School. When Chase was 15 years old, he started riding with deputies from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and knew then that he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. When he was 21, he applied, was hired, and has been with the Sheriff’s Department as a deputy since 2009. Chase has worked as a deputy at Andrew Jackson High School and he ran dogs for the Sheriff’s Office for five years. Now, he is back on the roads patrolling for Lancaster County. His favorite part of the job is helping people at their lowest points and helping them into better situations. He also enjoys talking with the kids and seeing them light up when they have police education classes. Chase is married and has three children.

For the most part, his day to day job has not changed much in the field. It has been recommended that all officers wear masks in line of action. When transporting people in their vehicle, all passengers wear a mask and the patrol cars have shields to protect them. In the jails, staff and new inmates are also instructed to wear masks to keep themselves safe. Chase said while they continue to work hard every day, they have not seen a major spike in crime in Lancaster County during the pandemic.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Chase was worried about the Corona Virus, but it offered him some relief knowing his family is healthy and young. As more information that comes out about the Corona Virus, even though some is mixed signals, he is not as stressed about it now.

Chase appreciates being nominated for this contest and for the opportunity he has working with Lancaster County. He is very honored to be a part of a community that consistently supports law enforcement at all times. The amount of support and gratitude they receive is overwhelming. He would also like to thank his family for always supporting him in his line of duty.