Christmas Catastrophe Prevention Guide

Gingerbread man

At Christmas, things get busy. Because of the busyness, we may find ourselves a little distracted and sometimes even a little careless because we are out of our normal routines.

Take a look at this list and maybe you can prevent a Christmas catastrophe in the community.

  1. Light Up the Night. Christmas lights are beautiful. The young and the young at heart enjoy them just the same. Be sure to check your outlets and light strands for any damage and don’t forget to keep your live tree watered so it won’t get dried out and become a fire hazard. also, be aware of candles and be sure to extinguish flames before leaving home. A
  2. Life is a Highway. At least it feels that way during this time of year. While you are traveling, be extra cautious of other drivers who may be distracted by their busy schedules (and their phones). Allow yourself plenty of time to travel in wintry conditions and/or traffic. And no driving under the influence of anything–except holiday cheer.
  3. Over the River and Through the Woods. Grandmas. You gotta love ’em. They fill our kids with candy and cookies and give them back to us full of sugar. On a serious note, since Grandma’s house may not be child-proofed, be sure to check for potential hazards for small children–like staircases, fireplaces, and glass ornaments.
  4. Who Do You Think You Are? ‘Tis the season for card swiping and online buying. Nobody wants identity theft for Christmas. Check your bank statements carefully to monitor any unusual activity. To save yourself a headache, do call your financial institution and let them know if you will be traveling out of state so they won’t unnecessarily put a hold on your card.
  5. When It’s Over. Don’t think you’re safe just because it’s over. All the Christmas decorations have to go somewhere. Like the attic. Which involves balancing awkwardly sized heavy boxes on your shoulders so you can climb up a tiny staircase into the attic. This chore is a tricky feat that requires special skills and is not very safe. Enlist some younger, stronger boys to help you if necessary. Whatever you do, be careful! And have a WONDERFUL Christmas holiday!