People Matter: Fighting Fires and Saving Lives

Winner Week 2 - First Responder Giveaway

For the past several years, we have spotlighted good, hardworking, people in our community who make a difference. Over the next few months, we want to say “Thank You” to our First Responders. Join us in congratulating Brandon Coker!

Brandon started his firefighting career as a volunteer 10 years ago with one of his best friends growing up. He began as a volunteer for the City Fire Department in Lancaster and later transferred to Riverside Fire Department where he continues to be a volunteer to this day. This year Brandon became a full-time employee for The Indian land Fire Department working 24-hour shifts.

Brandon first decided to become a volunteer 10 years ago because it ran in his family and he also wanted to serve the community like those before him. His favorite part of being a firefighter is knowing that he’s helping people. As a firefighter he’s not always fighting fires, he’s one of the first responders to car accidents, smoke alarms and even emergency medical situations.

Brandon Coker - Winner Week 2 - First Responder Giveaway - David Blackwell Law

During Covid-19 Brandon says they have made changes to how they approach each situation, ensuring that everyone is safe, and the best care is given. The biggest change has been in call volume due to medical emergencies. If they do come in contact with someone who test positive for Covid-19 they have specific gear to protect themselves and a close partnership with EMS working together on the scene.

Brandon has been married for five years to his wife Jessica and they have a 2-year-old little girl, Bristol.

Brandon says he is thankful to his community and proud to serve each and every one of them both as a volunteer and full-time firefighter for Lancaster County.