Haiti 2015

Haiti 2015

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Haiti on a mission trip. I had every intention of going to Haiti to help where I could and to change Haiti. But Haiti changed me. I have done a lot of traveling in my days, but never before have I witnessed such poverty. Never before have I witnessed children in such need of attention. Not because their snotty older sister was always the spotlight—like we say in the US. I mean attention because their basic needs were not met. Food. Clothing. Shelter.

We visited Cite Soleil, an area that is generally deemed the poorest and most dangerous area in the western hemisphere. The girl I’m holding in the photo held my hand and walked with me down the hot, dusty street for almost a mile. She wanted to go home with me. To have a better life. To have food. And shelter. And clothing. It tore my heart to pieces to wave goodbye to her sweet face. I witnessed a Haitian mother handing her infant to someone in our group and then walking away. Hoping he would take her. And give her a better life.

There were many more heart-wrenching moments like these. We visited tent villages where families were still living in tents given to them by Samaritan’s Purse in 2010 when the earthquake struck and demolished their homes. We visited orphanages where there was no food or water or beds for children. Moments that left me feeling like there was so much to do—and I was so small. I’m thankful that there are some wonderful groups doing incredible things in Haiti to meet the needs of these precious children. And I plan on going back soon and often.

When I returned home, I found myself very thankful for the luxuries we have in America. But I also found myself eager to do something about the children living right around us! For months, David Blackwell has been sharing with me his vision to help meet the basic needs of children in our area. Did you know many kids in Lancaster County go to school hungry every day—and that their learning is delayed because they are so hungry? Did you know that many kids struggle to find warm clothes to wear and uniforms for school? Did you know there are still homeless people in Lancaster County?

I’m with David—I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and do something. Especially for kids—because they can’t help themselves. David Blackwell Law will soon be launching Justice4Kids—a non-profit organization created to feed and clothe children. Justice4Kids will do this by raising money for worthwhile organizations already established and working to take care of these needs for kids. Hopefully, our organization will grow so that we also shelter kids. If we can help provide all these things, we have met their basic needs to give them a better chance to succeed and also to contribute to society. If you’d like more information about Justice4Kids, send David an email david@davidblackwelllaw.com or call him up at 803.285.0225 and let him share his vision with you.