A Horse, A Town, and Kids…

a horse a town and kids

We were a one-horse town for a long time. Many people blame that one horse (Springs) for keeping everyone else that could have brought life into this town out of here. News Flash – that one horse is dead and now we stand a chance of keeping more good people–who can help by adding value–out of here.

Lancaster County was just listed as the number one growing county in the entire state of South Carolina. But, we need to take care of our kids to keep this train chugging along. Yes, our roads are bad and need to be fixed. Yes, our emergency services need to be upgraded. And yes, many other things need to be fixed. With so many things needing to be fixed, what are we to do?

We need to prioritize these needs instead of just raising taxes as our leadership now proposes. This seems to be the politically correct way of dealing with all problems, raise taxes. And it’s the easy way out. The real way to deal with these problems is to grow a backbone, prioritize, and make some tough decisions. What do you value more with the money we have in hand? The lives of our kids? Newer technology? What? Pick one and see it through. Then, ask and answer the question, “What’s next?” After that, again, ask and answer the question, “What’s next?” It really isn’t rocket science, unless you’re a politician.

I do not have young children at home,  nor do my children even live in Lancaster County community, but our young people need someone to speak up for them. Our recreation department appears to be the most underfunded on planet earth. We need a real concentrated effort to make sure enough gloves, shoes, and other necessary equipment, including facilities, exist for our young people. And more recently, to keep our kids from getting shot and killed [SEE ARTICLE HERE].

We have very few decent fields of play to brag about. A few thousand years from now, when some future persons dig up Lancaster County, they will find very little that exists to show that we took care of our children here. They will see that our baseball, soccer, and football fields were largely in flood zones or near sewage lines that could overflow onto these fields. And they have done so in the past. And that for the population of that ancient area once called Lancaster County, the fields of play were too few. These future people will likely conclude that is one of the reasons why these ancient people of Lancaster County, us, had to build such a massive courthouse (A $33,000,000 “Monument to Criminals’) – there was really nothing else for our kids to do – but get into trouble.

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