Should Indian Land Incorporate?

Indian Land to become town

What are your thoughts about the new TOWN OF INDIAN LAND? Is it good, bad or otherwise? Here’s my take.

First, before you establish an opinion on the issue, you should collect the FACTS from both sides—AND know as much as you can about the people sharing these “facts.” Google it. Google the folks asking you to sign the petition. Compare Indian Land’s statistics and proposed budget to information about other towns this size.

Second, make it personal. How do the real facts affect you and your family? Regarding incorporation—what are the real benefits and real costs to YOU? Third, how is Indian Land becoming a town going to impact our county as a whole? Would Lancaster County better off with or without a new town? Yeah, you probably thought I was going say I was “fir or agin” incorporation. Not going to happen. I’d much rather you have all the fun hunting for answers and forming your own opinions!

Questions, comments, or smart remarks? I’d love to hear your take on the issue. Do your homework and let me know what you decide. Contact David Blackwell Law for more information or email us at