People Matter – From Pen to Post in Lancaster County

Marshall Sullivan David Blackwell Law Winner

Marshall grew up in Concord, North Carolina. His story is amazing. Marshall grew up in a foster home for most of his childhood. He was eventually adopted. After graduating high school, Marshall joined the U.S. Navy and served until he was seriously injured. The injury took over a year of recovery. However, Marshall proved once again to be resilient in the face of adversity. Just one year later, he attended college at USC-Greensboro where he met his wife, now of 21 years. Marshall majored in criminal justice and went on to be a juvenile court counsellor working with kids growing up in the same system like him. Later, Marshall got his masters at Liberty University. Twelve years later, Marshall decided to go in a completely different direction and became a mail carrier for Lancaster County.

Marshall liked the idea of being on a one-track plan. Working alone allows him to get his job done and to be done for the day versus bringing his work home with him every day in his previous line of work. His favorite part of the job is the simplicity of it all. Although challenging at times, it has provided Marshall with the physical challenge of taking on more jobs and more hours. He also likes being able to create his own hours and being able to listen to music all day throughout the route.

Marshall Sullivan


Some of the biggest differences in his day-to-day work since the pandemic is the high demand in deliveries and packages. Package demand has had such a huge influx that Marshall compared it to Christmas time. They are also taking safety precautions by wearing mask in the office and avoiding any unnecessary contact with customers when on route. His job has become more stressful because they are working the same number of hours and yet completing many more deliveries. While he was more worried about his family’s safety at the beginning of the pandemic, Marshall worries less now knowing he is taking every precaution possible. In addition, knowing more about the virus has also put him at ease when on the job and returning home.

Marshall would like to thank the person who nominated him. He takes great pride in knowing that he is still out there providing great service during a time when people are limited in getting out and depending upon him. His favorite part of working as a mail carrier is how thoughtful his customers in route can be and he says it truly makes each day enjoyable witnessing their kindness.