Our Outreach

our outreach

David Blackwell Law believes in giving back. Learn why we support these programs in our community.

Backpacks for Kids

First, Backpacks for Kids provides backpacks filled with food, given to children likely to go unfed over the weekend when school is not in session. Did you know there are approximately 2,000 children in Lancaster County alone who will go hungry every weekend unless we all do something about it? At this time, approximately 400 children are now getting a backpack filled with food for their weekend away from school.

Lancaster County Recreation Department

Second, the Lancaster County Recreation Department comes in contact with hundreds of kids every day. The recreation staff and coaches know the needs of these kids as well as anyone. They care about these kids and make sure they have shoes, socks, gloves, balls, and anything they need to be a part of a team and feel comfortable. I like these people making the call to help these kids.