People Matter: Delivering Our Packages to Keep Us Safe

Amy Pacana

Amy is originally from Pennsylvania. She began her career with UPS, working part-time, 25 years ago. She worked the morning shift so that she could be at home with her kids in the afternoon when they got out of school. Amy later transferred to UPS in Lancaster when her mother became sick so that she could take care of her. Once Amy transferred to Lancaster, she spent two years working to preload package cars, before getting a position in management. She’s currently the “go-to” person in the office for any issues concerning trucks, company packaging, or customer service details.

Since the beginning of April, Amy says there has been many changes in the way UPS now handles their day-to-day deliveries. The biggest change is the volume in customers that are now shopping online for the first time for all of their essential needs. Trying to keep proper distance from customers that come into the store has also had a big challenge. All employees wear masks and are constantly washing their hands after each exchange. They are also limiting customers that are allowed in the store so that they can have safer interactions when dealing with packaging and deliveries. Drivers were of the most concerned, considering they come into contact with so many people throughout the day delivering home-to-home. Drivers are no longer requiring that customers sign for packages, they now type in the last name on the DIAD, and once confirmed leave the packages at the door to limit personal contact.

Week 7 Winner

Amy says along with the stress that has come from the extreme volume increase, she is also considered high risk due to medical complications and she was worried about going to work for her own safety. However, not going to work was not an option. She considered her job essential for those ordering necessities, especially for those customers who were high risk and confined to their homes. UPS even offered staff members two-weeks paid leave if they felt uncomfortable going to work or were concerned for their own health.

Amy has three kids and has been married for 39 years. She is extremely thankful for all the hard-working employees she has that keep things running smoothly and with the safety of our community in mind. Although she says every day is different, even stressful, she truly enjoys going to work every day.