Meet David Blackwell

Meet David Blackwell

Meet David Blackwell: A Personal Injury Attorney Who is On Your Side

David Blackwell is one of South Carolina’s most well-known personal injury attorneys. For 17 years, he has been dedicated to fighting for individuals and families who have suffered great physical and emotional injustices due to the negligence of others.

Professional Care, Guaranteed

Twenty five years ago, Blackwell found himself in need of a lawyer. What he received was help from an attorney who was ill-prepared and lacked empathy. “I knew right then I could do a much better job [myself],” Blackwell said. “So, I went to law school.”

Today, a renowned personal injury attorney, Blackwell has fought and won many of his client’s cases. He takes great pride in finding positive legal solutions that reap rewarding outcomes for his clients.

“If I take you on as a client, I guarantee I will care and I will be prepared.”

A Passion for Personal Injury Cases

Blackwell says his passion for working with personal injury clients stems from the fact that personal injury cases can be so unfair to the injured individuals.

“Injured people need help…the playing level is so unfair,” Blackwell said. “Insurance companies have a lot of money to train the adjustors and hire lawyers to represent them. The injured person does not have the same training.”

Blackwell fights for his clients by helping to level out the playing field.

“If you have a legitimate claim, I will fight for you no matter what it takes,” He said.

Credibility That Counts; Trust That Transforms

Blackwell, who began his own practice in 2003 after obtaining his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law, has received many accolades. However, his prospective clients don’t have to look any further than his past clients to see for themselves Blackwell’s reputation for credibility and excellence.

“I want to give people a reason to trust me and let them know I will take care of them,” he said. “ I do this by letting them contact former clients that have given permission to be contacted. In addition, I let them know if at any time along the way they think I am not taking proper care of them, they can tear up [our] agreement and we’ll part ways as friends.”

However, a torn agreement is something that has never once occurred in his 17 years of practice. Blackwell’s priority on building relationships with his clients that are grounded in a mutual trust is evident in his work, and it transforms a legal process into a powerful partnership.

The Measure of True Success

Blackwell notes that, like any other thing in life, you win some, and you lose some, too. He measures his success not solely by the number of cases he wins, but by the opportunities he gets to truly make a difference in the lives of his clients.

“Sometimes, I can make a difference even if the outcome is not exactly what we want,” he said. Blackwell noted that even in the event of a case lost, “ the other side will know they’ve been in a fight, and my clients will know someone truly fought hard for them. Sometimes, that’s enough.”

Blackwell is dedicated to his work and doesn’t believe in doing anything halfway. His promise to go above and beyond in fighting for his clients’ rights often has him at the office early in the morning and late at night, and he considers his responsibility a privilege, and an honor.

“The best part of what I do is that every day I get to make a difference for somebody, no matter how small.”

Community Involvement

In addition to his career in law, Blackwell has impacted and served his community in as an elected official and as a volunteer. He’s served as Mayor of the town Kershaw in South Carolina and has also started his own nonprofit organization, Justice4Kids, which helps feed, clothe, and shelter children in Lancaster County.

“I believe the best way to make progress is to be involved at a local level,” Blackwell said.

He believes in being part of a team of individuals who work toward the same goal to accomplish positive change and said “I learned a long time ago that anyone who ‘makes it’ has helped. Anything that gets done requires people helping people. The people who served with me were amazing. Together, we changed a town.”

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