Welcome Aboard!

Boat Sailing

David Blackwell Law is proud to announce that we have joined the blogging world. Personal injury lawyer David Blackwell has locations in Lancaster and Indian Land, South Carolina and we are focused on representing the right people for the right reasons.

Who are we?

The blog posts you’ll see here on our page will be ours–not some prepackaged fillers from a blog factory. As you get to know us, you’ll see that we take everything personally—even our blog posts! We are real people who are really involved in our community–and want to share what’s going on with our people. The posts you will see will be from our team members:

David Blackwell — Personal Injury Attorney at David Blackwell Law

David wears many hats in our community as trial lawyer, teacher at the University of South Carolina Lancaster, husband, father, church member, and community watchdog. If you don’t already know David, you’ll soon learn that he is passionate about what he does. David is truly a kid at heart and takes a special interest in looking out for kids—because they can’t take care of themselves. Through David’s involvement in community recreation activities, and most recently, in Lancaster County’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes board, it’s easy to see how serious he is about improving the lives of young people.

David is also very concerned about the best interest of the taxpayers in Lancaster County. He unashamedly provides information to residents about what is going on at the county level and requests feedback from taxpayers to insure that their voices are being heard.

Dana Stogner — Legal Assistant at David Blackwell Law

Dana has worked with David Blackwell as his legal assistant for the past three years. Although she grew up as an only child, she and her husband now have a big family—with five children. Dana graduated from Buford High School and earned her BA in Studio Art at USC. On occasion, Dana will be sharing posts on our blog as well.

Other Guest Bloggers

From time to time, we’ll be giving some other folks a turn—there are a lot of great minds out there that have some incredible points to make about issues that hit home. We enjoy hearing from them, and chances are, you’ll really like to hear what they have to say as well.

Why are we blogging?

It’s all about the connection. Everything is personal to us—and we want to make personal connections with the people we serve. Although we have developed quite a following through our social media platforms, we believe that offering a blog will give our people an opportunity to get to know us even better—and allow us to give further details about some complex issues.

Through our blog, we also want to serve as a microphone for local charities that are available to help those in need. Not only that, we want to bridge the gap between those who have true needs (lazy or entitled does not equal a true need) with those who can help them along their way.

What will we be blogging about?

Real-life stuff. Like we alluded to earlier, this blog won’t be a cookie-cutter law blog about boring legal jargon. We’ll touch on real issues that we all face, like what to do when you get in a car wreck, how to keep your child safe on the playground, how in the world do you decide how much car insurance you need, and tips on keeping your teen safe on the road. We might even share a funny story now and then, or maybe brag a little on our favorite teams.

But we won’t stop there. We’re going to be uncovering some issues that the voters in South Carolina should know about—before they have to vote. We’ll offer our take on the real needs we have heard about and seen firsthand in our county and in our state—and compare that to the agendas presented by our representatives. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to be informed and give voices to their hard-earned tax dollars.

So, how can you respond?

We are begging to hear your feedback. We’re not just blogging for the heck of it, or to increase our ratings. We are blogging to connect. Feel free to leave comments below about any issue in our blogs. Please be civil in your remarks and refrain from thoughtless cruelty. You’re also more than welcome to email us at David@davidblackwelllaw.com. Questions, comments, suggestions, smart remarks? We want to hear them all. Welcome aboard–the water might get a little rough and choppy sometimes, but it’s going to be a fun ride.