Justice for Kids: Taking a Stand Against Child Hunger

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David Blackwell takes a stand against child hunger.

Most children anxiously count down the days until the weekend arrives. The weekend means no school, watching cartoons on Saturday morning, and the promise of fun time spent with family and friends.

Unfortunately, some children in our community do not look forward to the weekend. They dread it. “Why?,” you may ask. Because right here in Lancaster County, children are suffering from hunger.

The Problem: Child Hunger

When school’s in session, students know they can count on at least one or two warm meals a day. However, returning home for a weekend often means they don’t know when their next meal will be or where it may come from. Rather than counting down to the weekend, they count down to Monday.

According to the non-profit organization Feeding America, 24 percent of children in Lancaster County are victims of food insecurity.

When children go hungry, it causes so much more than just growling bellies. When proper nutrition is not received, the following occurs:

  • Immune systems are weakened
  • Sleep deprivation occurs
  • School performance decreases
  • Physical state declines
  • Depression and anxiety can occur
  • And more

Our Solution: Justice for Kids

Our team at David Blackwell Law knows that when children in our community are successful, we all benefit. However, in order for children to be successful in all areas of their lives, they first need to be fed.

That’s why we started the nonprofit Justice for Kids program, which provides funding for backpacks filled with food for children who are at risk for going unfed when school isn’t in session.

How it Works

Every Friday, students are given backpacks filled with nutritious meals and snacks to ensure they don’t go hungry during the weekend.

How You Can Help

Currently, around 400 children are receiving backpacks filled with food. Still, many more backpacks are needed for the rest of the hungry children in our community.

That’s where you come in.

You can be a child’s hero by donating to Justice for Kids.

Learn More About Justice for Kids

To learn more about Justice for Kids and how you can get involved, call us at (803) 285-0225. You can make a difference.

We hope you’ll consider coming alongside David Blackwell Law to stop hunger in our community.