Bartenders, Reporters & Sales Reps Rank Among Worst Drivers, Study Says

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According to a new study by Insurify, the worst drivers in America are bartenders, ticket sales representatives and journalists. However, postmasters and composers rank among the best drivers in the country. This was the conclusion drawn after the insurance company analyzed 1.6 million car insurance applications, which included information about the industry a person worked in and his or her history of moving violations.

Why Do These Jobs Have Drivers With The Worst Safety Records?

There are a number of reasons why the professionals who ranked worst in the study may have poorer driving records than others.

First, they tend to work unconventional hours. Bartenders, sales representatives and night-duty reporters may do most of their driving late into the night. When night driving is involved, drivers may contend with fatigue, poor lighting or night blindness, which can make it more difficult to see the road.

The study also concluded that drivers in these professions may work longer hours, often as high as 50 to 60 hours per week. Drowsy driving and fatigued driving are two main causes of accidents. When a person is extremely tired while behind the wheel, it slows their reaction time and makes it more difficult for them to concentrate on their surroundings.

Another reason these workers seem to have the most moving violations is because they tend to be on the road more often. The professions with the most traffic tickets are typically “gig” jobs, and the individuals in these careers usually have more than one gig at a time. When the amount of time on the road is increased, so are the potential number of violations.

Percentages of Workers With Prior Driving Incidents

So, what are the percentages of drivers in each profession with prior driving incidents?

Ticket and membership sales representatives ranked the worst drivers of all professions. Just under 45 percent of all representatives studied had at least one past moving violation. Fitness club managers came in second, with just under 40 percent of all drivers being charged with a moving violation.

Bartenders came in fourth on the list, with approximately 38 percent of all individuals having a moving violation. Journalists fared just slightly better than bartenders, with approximately 35 percent of all reporters being involved in at least one prior driving incident.

Postmasters, fishermen and dry cleaners all ranked in the top three spots, showing these professions had the least amount of moving violations.

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