Bicycle Accident Attorney in Fort Mill

Bicycling is an increasingly popular activity in Fort Mill and throughout York County. Some cyclists prefer the Anne Springs Close Greenway or other off-road trails. Other riders prefer biking on the roads such the Fort Mill Route, a 30-mile loop connecting Tega Cay and Rock Hill. Unfortunately, the increased presence of cyclists on the roads means that the number of bicycle accidents and cyclists injured in collisions with cars has gone up. Many of these accidents are caused by inattentive motorists. Contact our Fort Mill bicycle accident lawyer today.

If you have been seriously injured in a bicycling accident in Fort Mill or elsewhere in York County and someone else caused the accident, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your doctor bills, lost income and other losses. Bicyclists have legal rights to ride on the roads of South Carolina. Yet motorists often fail to see cyclists and cause preventable accidents. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your legal options after a serious bicycle accident.

Attorney David Blackwell has a long record of standing up for South Carolinians who have been injured through the carelessness or negligence of others. David Blackwell is available to review the details of your bicycle accident and discuss your legal options during a free initial consultation.

Understanding Your Rights After a Fort Mill Bicycle Accident

A mans bike accident with a carBicyclists riding on the roads of Fort Mill have certain legal rights and responsibilities. Drivers of automobiles and trucks are required to share the road with bicycle riders.

Bicycle riders are required to ride in the same direction as traffic as near the right edge of the road as practical. Cyclists have a legal right to use public roads except where expressly prohibited, such as on interstates.

Cyclists must obey all Fort Mill traffic signs and signals and stop at intersections.

Motorists who are passing cyclists are required to maintain a safe distance between their vehicle and the bicycle. It’s illegal for motorists to taunt or harass cyclists or throw objects at them.

Many bicycle collisions with cars occur in York County because drivers are not alert for cyclists and pedestrians. Bicycles can be easy to overlook in traffic when surrounded by cars and trucks. A distracted driver may strike a bicyclist from behind or turn unexpectedly in front of an oncoming cyclist, violating the bicycle’s right of way.

After an accident involving a cyclist, it is routine for a driver or their insurance company to try to question the bicyclist’s presence on the road and cast blame on the injured bicyclist —even when the cyclist was abiding by traffic laws and the motorist was at fault. The insurance company may try to deny liability for a bicyclist’s injuries or offer an inadequate settlement. If you have suffered serious injuries caused by a motorist, you will need a dedicated Fort Mill bicycle accident lawyer fighting for full compensation for you. Attorney David Blackwell supports your rights as a bicyclist and will fight for you.

I was struck by a car while riding a bicycle in Fort Mill. Can I sue the driver?

A girl is hurt after a bicycle accidentEach bicycle accident has its own set of contributing circumstances. Factors such as whether the driver caused the accident will determine whether you can seek compensation from others involved in the accident.

It is important to seek a medical evaluation after a bicycle crash and have a doctor document the extent of your injuries. It’s also important to have an experienced bicycle accident lawyer review the details of the accident, determine who is at fault and explain the legal options available to you. It doesn’t cost anything to be informed of your legal options.

You may be able to obtain compensation from the driver who hit you by filing a claim against the driver’s liability insurance. Attorney David Blackwell can calculate the full value of your bicycle injury expense based on your expected medical treatment, lost income from missed and other losses and submit a demand letter to the insurer for full reimbursement.

If the driver’s insurance company accepts responsibility for the cost of your medical bills, it may not be necessary to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, insurance companies often put their own profits first and try to pay as little as possible to settle injury claims.

Having a determined bicycle injury attorney representing you gives you a better chance of obtaining a fair settlement. It prevents a big insurance company from trying to take advantage of the situation while you are injured and struggling to recover.

Contact a Fort Mill, SC Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

a man is arrested after hitting a bicycle riderAfter a serious bicycle wreck caused by a motor vehicle, you should concentrate on your recovery. You do not need the added stress of trying to deal with insurance companies or collectors pursuing medical debt. Attorney David Blackwell Law wants to ease your burden if you have had a serious head injury or broken bones caused by a motorist. The at-fault driver should be responsible for your medical bills and other losses. Let us review the accident details and help you pursue just compensation.

At David Blackwell Law, we represent seriously injured cyclists on a contingency fee basis. We recognize you may be dealing with financial stress if you are unable to work. You certainly do not need additional expenses at this time. We are selective about the bicycle accident cases we handle so we can devote full attention to each client we take on. You will not owe us any legal fee unless we obtain compensation for you through an insurance settlement or a jury award. If we are successful, then we receive a percentage of the amount recovered as payment of our attorney fee and case expenses.

Fort Mill David Blackwell Law has a reputation among insurance companies for only handling personal injury cases that are well worth the fight. David Blackwell Law represents bicyclists in Fort Mill and the surrounding areas of South Carolina who are struggling to recover from injuries caused by others’ disregard for safety. Call our law firm to discuss how we can help you.