Indian Land Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In recent years, cycling has skyrocketed in popularity both as a form of exercise and as an increasingly viable mode of transportation. While cycling has numerous benefits for both the individual and for society as a whole, the fact remains that bicyclists are significantly disadvantaged when sharing the road with much larger vehicles.

Although any vehicle accident has the potential to be serious, accidents between motor vehicles and bicyclists can be especially catastrophic due to the sheer exposure that bicyclists have to outside forces. Even a bicyclist wearing every available piece of safety gear is no match against a motor vehicle weighing in at a minimum of 3,000 pounds. Devastatingly, the majority of accidents involving motor vehicles and bicyclists are due to recklessness or carelessness on the part of the driver, while the bicyclist suffers the most significant and lasting consequences.

At David Blackwell Law, our Indian Land bicycle accident lawyer has dedicated himself to fighting for justice for those who have unfairly suffered the consequences of a serious crash caused by the negligence of another. If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident, know that our law firm has decades of experience successfully representing accident victims just like you, and we’re ready to do everything we can to see that justice is served in your case.

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Compensation After a Bicycle Accident Injury

The unfortunate truth is that in most instances, bicycle accident victims rarely walk away from a collision with a vehicle with only minor scrapes and bruises. In the majority of cases, victims are left with significant injuries that require medical attention and ongoing treatment, both of which come with significant financial ramifications.

The reassuring news is that, in these instances, victims can pursue full compensation to cover all of the costs and losses associated with their injuries. This may include payment for:

  • Hospital bills
  • Surgeries
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Follow-up doctor’s appointments
  • Medications
  • Long-term care
  • Anticipated future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning capacity for the future
  • Damage to the bicycle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement

Unfortunately, obtaining full and fair compensation is often difficult without an experienced Indian Land bicycle accident attorney fighting on your side. Auto insurance companies will work hard to diminish, delay, or deny your claim, so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after your accident.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Indian Land

Because proving liability in a bicycle accident case can be complicated, it’s essential for you to contact an injury attorney as soon as you are able. Of course, there are several steps you can take in the immediate aftermath of an accident to protect your rights:

  • Call 911 to report that you’ve been hit. The officers who respond to the scene will file a report that can be helpful in your injury claim.
  • Make sure you are safe off the road and get medical attention immediately.
  • If you can, you’ll want to collect as much evidence about your case as possible. This can take the form of photos of the accident scene, witness statements and contact information, details of medical treatment, and all bills associated with the accident.
  • Do not give a recorded or written statement to an insurance company about your accident without talking to an attorney about your rights. Also, refrain from using social media until your bicycle accident claim has been resolved.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

Despite the safety and attentiveness of a bicyclist, the unfortunate reality is that accidents between cars and bicycles can, and regularly do, happen in a number of ways, with some accidents being more frequent than others. In our experience, we have noticed a handful of accident types as being most common:

  • Exiting from a private drive. Most drivers are, unfortunately, not singularly focused on the act of driving itself. This is especially true in the moments that someone first gets behind the wheel and sets off to another destination. From fastening their seat belt to choosing something to listen to, far too few drivers are thinking about the act of driving itself when they back out of a private drive, let alone thinking about who might be in their immediate vicinity. Sadly, this regularly leads to law-abiding bicyclists being struck by inattentive drivers flying out of private driveways with no attention or care.
  • Vehicle driver overtaking the bicyclist. The rules of passing another driver on the road are pretty cut and dry, but few drivers are familiar with how and when to safely pass a bicyclist on the road. Indeed, most drivers are less concerned about the safety of a cyclist than they are their own time constraints or annoyances with having to wait. Because of this, far too many drivers make the selfish decision to dangerously overtake a bicyclist on the road, putting the cyclist in a dangerous position where they can do very little to keep themselves safe.
  • Driver turning left. Similar to failing to look properly before exiting a driveway, one of the most common accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles is when drivers fail to look for cyclists on the road before making a left-hand turn. Few drivers expect for a small bicycle and rider to be in their path of travel when making a routine turn, and unfortunately, their carelessness results in riders being cut off and sideswiped with alarming regularity.
  • “Dooring” accidents. On some roadways, bicyclists have a dedicated bicycle lane on the far side of the road. Even when a dedicated lane is absent, many cyclists stay to the far-right side of their lane of traffic to avoid being in the direct flow of traffic. Unfortunately, when drivers pull over to the side of the road to stop or park, they far too frequently fail to check their rear and side mirrors before opening the vehicle’s doors, which can result in a devastating “dooring” accident — when a bicycle rider does not have time to stop or swerve before crashing headfirst into an open vehicle door.
  • Riding against traffic. In order to raise their own visibility, some bike riders choose to ride against traffic so that they are able to keep a better eye on the vehicles in their immediate vicinity. While this does give a bicycle rider a little more visibility into the actions of the cars around them, sadly, they are not always able to take the necessary action to avoid a crash — especially when a driver swerves into their path or takes their eye off the road and drifts into the cyclist’s way. Unfortunately, these accidents result in devastating head-on collisions that are almost always severe, if not fatal.

What Are Some Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Even the most well-outfitted cyclist has, at best, minimal external protection when involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. Because they have no external frame or structure keeping them safe, cyclists involved in accidents frequently suffer catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Bone fractures
  • Head and brain injury
  • Dental injury
  • Facial injury
  • Neck injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Back and spinal cord injury
  • Internal injuries

At best, injuries such as these will require ongoing medical treatment, therapy, and sadly, chronic if not permanent pain. In the most serious instances, accident victims can suffer permanent disability, coma, or death.

Discuss Your Crash with an Indian Land Bike Accident Attorney Now

The aftermath of a bicycle accident is almost always overwhelming. From property damage to physical injuries and ongoing pain and suffering, it’s common for accident victims and their families to not know where to begin in their search for restitution, financial assistance, and justice. The good news is, you are not alone.

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